Employee Transportation & its Impact on Productivity & Business

Be it any sector, Employee Transportation and its Impacts has always played a cardinal role in the success of it. But that doesn’t mean that employees will work in maximum productivity despite bad transportation facilities.


Imagine starting your day with fatigue and negativity, obviously, productivity will be affected gravely. Added to that, Employee transportation plays a major role in burn out percentage and in employee satisfaction survey.

Good Transportation facilities are crucial for employee retention

However, there are organizations that beg to differ and still wonder why their employees are sluggish or maybe leaving their company.

Let’s discuss how Employee Transportation and its Impacts can affect productivity in detail and throw some light on the issue.

Ways hectic commute will affect an employee

Hectic commute, the kryptonium to the super man in you: Every employee has been through that cursed day where everything goes wrong from the punch-in time to the punch-out time. By the time when you are about to leave you will feel that u were in the midst of a battle.

This is the exact feeling when an employee is caught in between the hustle of a bad transport in the morning. The hectic morning journey will poke a hole in the positivity inside you, slowly draining it to the full by the time your reach office.

Thinking about going back home: Latest research has found that issues in transportation raises absenteeism by 16% and is the main reason why employees arrive late and leave early. It was also mentioned in the research that employees who arrives late will be thinking about going back home to get leisure time and to avoid the hectic traffic that’s common in the evening.

The slow poison: According to an article published in Time, employees who have been through bad transportation in a long run will suffer from,

The zombie: Disruptive sleep will affect a person’s mental health adversely. It has been scientifically proven that irregular sleep will result in slower response time than that of a normal person.

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Issues like this are harmful inside an organization as employees who are affected mentally will tend to not work or even cause great damage to the existing work.

How will your business get affected?

Increased Absenteeism: An employee missing a working day is expensive for a company. If the work is urgent, companies often have to find replacements which will be an added expense

Higher turnover rate: If the transportation is bad or even not up to the mark. Employees will go for other options resulting in frequent resignation by employees. Finding a new employee and training him is an added cost and a waste of time.

High error rate: Drained of their energy, employee will be sluggish in their work and will cause great deal of errors in their day-to-day activities. Since they are tired they will tend to think about their life after office and will be more concentrated on that.

Decrease in Employee Engagement: As mentioned earlier fatigue and disinterest will hit them if they are subjected to a bad start in the morning. So it is obvious that employees would not be interested in their work and as a result productivity will be affected a lot.

Potential employees rejecting offers: If the commute of a company is bad or even average. Potential employees who have passed all the interviews and tests might reject the offer. Thus, money spent on the interviews and the chance of hiring a skilled employee will be lost.

Subpar performance of the team manager and HR: Increased turnover, high rate of employee disengagement will put pressure on both HR and team manager. They often will fall prey to the pressure from the top and will search for better options.

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