Top 5 Questions About Employee Transportation Management System

Employee Transportation Management System is crucial for any company as it one of the key factor when it comes to employee satisfaction. However, the whole process is hectic and demands a lot of effort and attention.

Luckily invention of Employee Transportation Management System is changing the whole scenario to a point where almost all aspects of employee transportation can be automated now. Even though lot of companies are opting for management system there is indeed lot of companies who are skeptical about it.


Let’s address their most important queries.

1)  What’s the need for automation in employee transportation?

Industries are growing at a rapid rate and so is the employee strength. Employees nowadays opt for company transportation rather than their own vehicle. The main reason would be the security it offers and the money it saves.

However, any disruption in the transportation can cause grave damage to the business of an organization. This is the reason why the need of an Employee Transportation Management Software kicks in.

What it does is,

2) Why should there be a dedicated GPS device rather than a phone which itself is a GPS device?

Mobile phones are agile and the navigation app inside them is accurate. However, people still opt for GPS device when it comes to tracking. Let’s compare both of them and find out why.

First of all, display inside a mobile phone is tiny and detailed monitoring is a pain staking job. On the other hand a GPS system will have a dedicate monitor if its own and accessing through various features of it is easy.

Processor of a GPS device is dedicated for its purpose alone and in the case of mobile processor it has to be allocated for other purpose too, resulting in the heating up of the phone.

In addition to that, various smart cards like RFID card, HID card can be integrated to a GPS device.

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Last but not least software system attached to the GPS device is comprised of complex algorithm can come up excellent results which make it an advanced, complete secure option than that of a mobile phone.

3) How will it reduce cost?

A good Employee Transportation Management system will have analytics in them to evaluate the data that comes in so that it can come up with effective solution that can reduce the cost of the fleet business.

4) How long will take to install a full-fledged system?

It is just matter of days that the system becomes fully functional. However, installation process will depend on the kind of integration customer are opting. Integration like RFID/HID card reader CCTV camera surveillance, Engine performance monitor etc. will take time. But the result will be swift.

5) Which one to choose and how?

Finding system that can automate your company transportation is not that of a big deal. However, choosing the right one is indeed hard since you will be bombarded with variety of software system in the internet.

Before choosing make sure that the demo the company offer are well explained as well as it meets all the criteria that you expect from the software. Apart from that try to give your custom made work flow to the system and closely watch how well it performs. Make sure that it can be integrated to the current system that you are using and data transferring is easy.

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