Top Employee Transportation System Companies in the World

Employee transportation system plays a pivotal role in the employee management and culture. Newspapers often report women getting assaulted or disturbed while travelling in a cab or bus from office to home.

As per a study conducted by World Health Organisation, 35 percent of the women commuters do undergo some sort of violence while travelling.

There were different optimistic attempts made by the Taxi aggregators like Uber and Ola to pre vet the drivers and get their background verification done by the nearest police station, but the scenarios of harassment still exist.

One of the ways in which this could be monitored and prevented is in the case of corporates wherein the company itself can facilitate the employee transportation.

It’s so important for a company to have a transportation system for their employees, that would be adding brownie points to the company culture. Most of the employee transportation system companies are on a reckoning that the employee productivity is directly related to the transportation.


Before a company pan out the essentials in setting up a corporate transportation , it’s necessary to decide on the employee transportation systems to be used to monitor and manage the employee transportation rather than just the vehicles for it.

There are a lot of players in the industry who implements employee transportation systems both for themselves and for other corporates. Here are the leading providers for employee transportation systems whose solutions are used by leading companies all across the globe.


Employee Transport Management  is a venture started by Probytes Technology Solutions and is one of the pioneers in employee transportation. It has a combination of software as well as hardware.

It offers complete solution to the employee fleet management issues that a company faces and makes the whole process smooth. The system automatically sends information to employees, drivers, and transport managers.

The system has proven to have high employee satisfaction, better ROI (Return on Investment), multiple hardware integrations and advanced and improved communication between employees.


Started in 2014, based out of California, Swiftly provides travel data and its software helps the corporate transportation easier. Swiftly implements software to help transit companies and cities enhance urban mobility.

Swiftly has been built by transportation stalwarts for transportation based purposes in companies. The Swiftly platform uses billions of data points and intelligent algorithms to make sure that the transit system working, facility reliability, and real-time employee information are perfect.

Companies from all strata uses Swiftly’s technology platform, improving transportation services for millions of riders each day.

Sun Telematics

Sun Telematics enables holistic transportation solutions for employee transportation management. The processes including workers rostering, route scheduling, vehicle allocation, pick & drop and bill generation are fully integrated and will be performed at the click of a button.

The products are developed based on the key requirements of all parties involved like the employee, driver, corporate. The main areas of focus are cost effectiveness, employee integrity and safety, timely pick and drop, on the spot billing and payments.

Mahindra Logistics

Mahindra has a name for them in India as the vehicle manufacturers. It’s been quite a while since they have launched themselves into the transportation systems industry.

Apart from creating the rostering, route scheduling, vehicle allocation, pick & drop and bill generation, the main unique service proposition from Mahindra is that they do it for Green fleet using alternative fuel vehicles that includes carbon footprint management.

In terms of technology solutions, their features include reduced routes & cab usage for cost friendliness and end to end tracking for safety web panels for human resource managers. Mahindra claims about 200 plus operating areas all across India.


MoveinSync has their flagship Transportation Solution for staff transport management and is made available as a software as a service and is implemented to track staff cab usage data, provides systematic invoice generation with reduced disparities and equips safety additions for female travelers.

The transport managers and transport administrators are provided complete control and transparency over their transport operations in real time.


Routematic is a startup based out of Bangalore and they implement cost effective employee transportation, corporate transportation solutions.

An end to end transportation solution provided by routematic optimizes the gross mileage and total travel time while keeping employee happiness and comfort.

In terms of safety, they implement tailor made RFID locating device with panic switch enabled and female aware routing support during late hours, Routematic has upped the game in staff safety during journey time.

They also aim to reduce waiting time by continuously alerting the corporate employees updated through SMS on the real arrival times of their assigned vehicles, including delays due to traffic.


Hopon claims that with their transportation system, 95% of the admin tasks are optimized and automated.

With their digital trip sheet. All the trip metrics are captured digitally through driver app thus improving accuracy, transparency and completely eliminating paper. HRMS integration is also provided.


Fleetstar revitalizes the employee transport ecosystem with its unique technology enabled platform.

The Routing methods enhances path to implement end to end coverage of source and destination points in one trip ensuring trip reduction and good cab usage.

Data analytics is provided with dashboard and reports including cab Utilization, Vendor billing verification and Employee request details.


Mobiocean is another employee transportation company which has extra features as compared to the other providers. The employees have been equipped with their own app for  getting updates on vehicles on the move.

Family App is provided to get alerted about vehicles and children on the move. The vehicle driver and coordinator app helps to receive updates on commuters on the move.

With the help of the corporate administration panel its possible to remain up-to-date on employees and vehicles on the move


Employee transportation system is a prime concern for any employer especially in a corporate. Ensuring proper employee transportation is always part of good work culture.

With our list of the top  employee transportation system providers who enable technology to solve hassles related to corporate transportation, Hope you can find the the right system for you.

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