Transportation Management System for Shippers

Transportation Management System for Shippers

Transportation management system for shippers can help transport providers gain complete visibility to their day-to-day operations to ensure the effective & timely delivery of the shipments. 

A transportation management system for shippers is a logistics software that helps transport managers to optimize, plan & execute the incoming & outgoing physical movement of the shipment in a compliant manner. By streamlining the shipping process transport managers easily optimize their shipping operations whether it be by sea, air or land. 

What are the best new features a logistics software must have? 

The logistics chains are more efficient, resilient & competitive than ever these days. With dedicated logistics systems offering features from geofencing, automatic scheduling, real-time tracking AI solutions for analytics, warehousing and last-mile delivery providing logistics industry with more disruptive options. 


Top must-have features of Logistics Management Software for shippers

1. Fretron 

Fretron helps to track your idle & moving fleets from a single dashboard En-route in real time, bringing total visibility to your fleet operations. Fretron provides an end-to-end visibility on your freight movement allowing you to automate & streamline your entire transit operation.   


2. ShippingEasy 

ShippingEasy is a growing online shipping solution for Transport managers & ecommerce merchants. With shippingeasy you can ship faster, easier & cheaper by receiving a helping hand when you want it making your shipping operation much more efficient. 


3. Shippo 

Shippo is a professional grade shipping software which gives you access to multiple carriers and shipping features your operation needs. Shippo comes with the best-in-class shipping infrastructure integrating your shipping complexities & requirements with the best-in-class shipping solution. Shippo streamlines your carrier process with seamless functionalities need to except consumer expectation. 


4. Freightview Software 

Freightview lets you choose the carrier you already have connected with & when it’s time to ship the system compares the rates for your carriers & makes the most efficient choice for your transit effectively. Frieghtview also records & reports data of every shipment completed to evaluate the routes, rates & more. 



MYCARRIER is a cost-effective, fast & simple shipping software which can track your freight in less time using an all-in-one integrated shipping platform. With MYCARRIER you can analyze your carrier service level and identify which carrier standards are optimum for your needs. 


6. Track-POD

Track-POD is an advanced shipping management software featuring an electronic-POD giving you real-time delivery confirmation & driver monitoring. You will receive instant delivery notification via the e-POD, it can easily capture photographs and signatures to confirm whether the delivery was successfully or not. 

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7. CartonCloud 

CartonCloud is an easy-to-use warehouse & transport management software that enables you to do more with less. CartonCloud help you to increase your productivity & make your life easier by transforming how your business works. The primary focus of CartonCloud is to streamline your workflow with features your transit operation requires to go ahead. 



Alpega helps you control your logistic chain by rewarding you with end-to-end visibility across your operations. It also helps you optimize your freight costs, integrate your networks & automate your logistics operations efficiently.Alpega ensures to tackle your industry-specific challenges and improve your quality of service. 


9. TruckingOffice 

Trucking management solutions is a successful secret tool fleet operators use to streamline their processes & increase the revenue. Whether you are a driver or a transport manager you can understand the details in the dispatching process. With TruckingOffice you can easily manage your entire trucks easily & keep track of their trip history. 


10. FreightPOP 

FreightPOP is a one-click shipping management for distributors & transport managers. Built for multiple purposes FreightPOP connects with your existing business module to analyze, execute & optimize your company workflow faster for an amount you can afford. 



Technology is evolving each day by day together with the transit industry, providing opportunities to businesses for implementing better service and automating the solutions to gain competitive advantage.  If you want a state of the art Transportation Management System for Shippers contact employee transport management.