Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Public Transportation and Urban Mobility

AI has always been fascinating. The AI impact on public transportation has fueled our wildest dreams with quixotic thoughts which are far beyond reality. Thanks to Mr. Steven Spielberg for planting surreal picture of AI through his movies AI, Minority Report, and Bicentennial Man etc.

But let’s see things in a realistic perspective, why do we need so much progress in AI and Machine learning especially in Transportation sector.

Accidents are at all-time high this year. And above all transportation cost and fuel scarcity is increasing day by day. This tough situation demands the presence of AI for error-free and efficient decisions.


So the question here how can it improve transportation and urban mobility?

Let’s discuss.

Automated Vehicles

Automated vehicles have the potential to dramatically improve road safety and revolutionize our transport systems.” – Ben Howarth, Senior Policy Adviser on Motor and Liability, ABI

At present truck driver shortage is a big problem all over the world with an average employee turnover percentage of 90, the only solution to this crisis is self -driving trucks.

Big names in the commercial transportation business like Uber, Tesla, and Google are continuing their research on autonomous vehicles and it is expected that a huge breakthrough will happen soon.

Mercedes-Benz has already gone so far in their research and it is believed that they will unveil their fully autonomous truck by 2025.

Otto another big name in the commercial truck manufacturing industry is also doing full-on research regarding autonomous trucks.

Lately, it was reported that Alvin Chin, Senior Researcher, Machine Learning in the BMW Technology Group, Chicago at BMW North America, has spoken in an interview that BMW uses machine learning in the development of connected cars technology. Their machine learning app is the main tool they have been using for this purpose. These apps pull data from the cars to analyze it so that the AI associated with the system can provide customers with an improved driving experience.

Connected cars are one of the major factors that will lead to the autonomous vehicle.  It is expected that around 381 million cars will be connected by the end of 2021.

Anupam Malhotra, Audi of America’s director of connected vehicles lately in an interview said that,

Clearly, Audi sees the industry changing in many significant ways in the next 10 years,” “On the technology side, today you talk about fuelling. Tomorrow it will be charging. Today it’s range anxiety. Tomorrow it’s range management.”

AI-driven Response System

Our lives have now been so much intricately woven into mobile phone-based apps’ especially to social media apps. Be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or even Snapchat. People are connected to each other like never before. AI can make use of this situation and can respond to issues in lightning speed.

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For instance, imagine a scenario where there is an emergency situation for an individual in between his commute and he is trying to reach out to the world using social media. An AI system can pick these messages from the gazillion incoming messages and will be able to direct it to the concerned authorities.

AI driven Surveillance System

News came out recently that China has installed cutting-edge AI driven camera system which will help police to detect anomalies in driving as well as identifying people in the street.

The cost of the surveillance system is said to be 20 Million USD and one of a kind in the world.

Chinese government installed the surveillance system as a part of their Skynet Operation, the nations anti-corruption program.

AI-driven surveillance cam installed inside a vehicle can detect any anomalies in the driver behaviour and can notify authorities so that effective steps can be taken to prevent accidents.

Improve Traffic using AI Driven Transportation Management Solution

Transportation Management system/solution driven by AI with the help of a myriad of data’s like, weather report, vehicle data and road sensors can come up with excellent suggestions to manage city traffic.

This system can offer its users’ mobility map of the city so that migration of traffic can help improve the safety of people.

Around 1.3 million people die on roads annually and AI driven management system can bring unbelievable changes to the existing condition.

Since the days to come are of autonomous vehicle these type of system can seamlessly integrate with the cars and can assure safety for people.


It is expected that AI market which is now at USD 1.2 Billion will be 10.30 billion by the end of 2030. The future is shining brightly because of AI. Lives will be simpler, safe and fast. From Dawn to dusk AI will be helping us in one way or another.