Being a Transport Manager – All You need to know

The job of a Transport manager is hectic and stressful. No, not discouraging you. Just stating a fact.

The job involves working in shifts and even during weekends to catch up with the schedule of drivers and attendants. Transport managers calculate and implement the most economical routes and ways of completing the journey as there are budgetary restrictions.


A transport manager has to make sure that the whole operation is carried out with the laws and regulations that governs the vehicle safety, traffic congestion, customs requirement, environment controls, fuel emission, driver hours and food hygiene wherever it is applicable. In this article we will discuss about the types of transport operators, guidelines and duties of a transport manager.

What do they do?

Transport managers co-ordinate routes and schedules be it goods, people or services. They ensure that passengers or goods reach the destination safely. Some of the main duties of include.

Develop The Business

One of the main roles of a transport manager is to develop and grow the business. The more the logistics are handled well the better it is for the company. Transport managers play a crucial role in achieving profits for the company as they limit the expenditure that arises from transporting goods, people or services.

Manage a Team of Supervisors, Staff and Drivers 

The whole of the team reports to the transport manager. It is the manager who gives instructions and manages the fleet and its employees. Drivers and other staff will report the routes they are going and where they are at.

Organising Vehicle Replacement 

If one of the vehicles require maintenance or is broken down, the transport manager replaces the vehicle and continue the trip with a new vehicle.

 Meeting Targets 

If any targets are to be met and timeline has to be kept it is the responsibility of the transport manager. They make sure that the operations meet its targets.

 Co-ordinate Staff Training 

The training required for the staff is coordinated and imparted by the transport manager. When higher authorities communicate a message it is transferred to the staff and they ensure that it is carried out.

 Arrange Vehicle Maintenance 

The whole of the fleet is managed by the transport manager. Vehicles that require maintenance are reported to the manager who arrange for repairing the vehicle.

 Performance Reports To Directors 

The board of directors rely on the transport managers to give weekly or monthly reports.

 Planning Routes and Load Scheduling

The routes and schedule is planned by the transport manager. He chooses the best route for travel and makes sure that optimum usage of fuel is ensured and any kind of wastage is avoided.

How To Become a Transportation Manager

The duties of a transport manager include maintaining records, schedule routes, handling customer redresses and complaints and manage staff. A manager performs his job by coordinating all these factors of logistics to move people, goods or services to different places. A transport manager goes through rigorous training while he starts his career in management.  You need to enroll in transportation certification programs to become a transport manager.

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Without doubt you need and engineering degree to work in transportation systems. Policy formation and managing transport network is the core jobs in this field. Like we discussed the two disciplines are engineering and transportation planning. Although there a certification for both engineering and transportation planning. You can complete the training within a year or less after pursuing in undergraduate or graduate level. To qualify you need GED (general Education Development) or school diploma.

Skills Required


Assess the Value of Communication and IT Packages

The transport manager should be able to assess the value and quality of IT packages and communication methods that are implemented.

Approach irate Customers and Exhausted Drivers Tactfully 

The manager should be good at handling customers as well as personnel. There might be times when the transport manager has to deal with drivers who are tired at the end of the day.

Should Have Numerical Skills and An Analytical Mind 

A good analytical mind is required to make quick decisions. Also he should be in good terms with numbers because the job profile is all about making terms with numbers and calculations.

Ability to make quick decisions and good judgments regarding finance 

As said before good judgments are required to make better decisions about how to channel finance.

Great coordination and negotiation skills 

Negotiation skill is an important function that every  manager should have. By negotiating the transport manager can coordinate the whole procedure.

Make crucial decision by making use of intuition 

Intuition is a personality trait that is required for a transportation manager. It is important while making crucial decisions.

A good knowledge of transportation industry 

A manager is expected to have a better knowledge about the whole industry. It helps in planning out various strategies to rule out the wrong decisions.


Transport Manager Job is not meant for everyone as it is both physically and mentally demanding one. Thanks to technology nowadays, there work pressure has been reduced to a great extent. Hope our read help you understand what it means to be a transport manager.