10 Electric Cars That Are Surprisingly Cheaper Than They Look

With petrol and diesel raising concerns of using up the fossil fuels and governments trying to lower the harmful emissions, electric cars have become the future of transportation. Even though vehicles with hybrid engines will be launched in the car market in the coming years, electric vehicles would be the dominant ones in the driving landscape.


Earlier, least level of practicality, poor performance, and limited range showed that even the top model electric cars were not equal to the conventional cars. However, the electric cars today can efficiently deliver up to 62 mph and cover a range of 300 miles to challenge the supercars.


Top 10 Low-Cost Electric Cars

We have compiled a list of best ten electric cars to help those who are planning to own an electric car but have a tight budget.


1. Chevrolet Volt

Electric vehicles in 2016 as well as this year. After its launch during the year 2008, the Volt has undergone several revisions and changes to make it the best one among the cost-effective electric vehicles in the automobile market. The plug-in hybrid car can cover up to 420 miles range and offers 53 electric miles.


When charged regularly, it can go beyond 1000 miles without any fill-ups, as a mighty direct injected 1.5L engine powers it. The car has a 240V charge system that helps it get charged in just 4.5 hours, and a 120V portable cord can charge it for 13 hours. The starting price of this high-efficiency EV is $33,220.


2. Volkswagen e-Golf

The electric cars by Volkswagen assure the buyers that they are safe while they travel by such electric motor powered vehicles. The e-Golf delivers top quality, proven and straightforward appeal similar to its conventional counterparts. With a single charge, this car can drive 80 miles and can be charged at a public charging station or with the help of a home kit.

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This highly responsive car is equipped with excellent regenerative braking to avoid road crashes during rainy days. It has an array of driver assistance features ranging from Park Distance Control, Forward Collision Warning to Park Assist to help the driver park it easily even in a small parking lot. The price range of this car starts at $30,495.


3. Nissan Leaf

Nissan has been successful in adapting electric revolution, which explains why Nissan Leaf has been gracing the streets of several countries across the globe. This four-seater comes with a decent boot space of 370 liters that makes it an apt choice for small families.

This electric car is quick and responsive to offer a drive ranging from 124 miles to 155 miles. The dashboard display of Leaf features tree icons to support economic driving and outlines the brand’s planet-saving responsibility. It can reach its full charge in 8 hours using a domestic three pin socket. You just have to spend about $30,680 to own this Nissan electric car.


4. Chevrolet Bolt

The Bolt by Chevrolet was launched this year and has received a warm welcome for its affordability and practicality. In fact, this electric car has reshaped the EV world, as can cover about 238 miles while delivering a high output of 266 peak torque and a fantastic output of 200 horsepower.

The floor mounting battery pack of Bolt supports low gravity center, provides optimum energy efficiency with open pedal driving and has a stable design to offer a comfortable ride. This people carrier also zips in a warm and spacious cabin and sports a big touchscreen of 10.2 inches plus DC charging options. The Bolt EV is a family car and is available in a price range of $36,620.


5. Hyundai Ioniq

The Ionic from Hyundai is the only electric vehicle that comes in 3 different electric powertrains. This electric powered car reaches 62 mph within 9.9 seconds, as it is backed by a powerful electric motor with 118 bhp.

The maker claims that Ioniq can drive for 174 miles in a single charge while 150 miles would be more than enough for everyday use. This affordable electric car has several safety features like blind spot detection, Auto emergency braking along with pedestrian identification and lane departure warning. This hatchback comes with a starting price of $29,500.


6. Mitsubishi I- MiEV

This electric car is offered by Mitsubishi at an affordable range to cater to the small budget families. This vehicle is designed to deliver 66 horsepower while covering 62 miles with an impressive torque of 145 lb. This electric vehicle is priced at $22,295.


7. Renault Zoe

This small sized hatchback is the cheapest electric car in the market and is based on the design of Renault Clio. With a huge 338-liter boot space, this car is easy to drive, as there is no need to change gears. This super silent electric car can cover up to the 250-mile range and regenerative braking system. Renault Zoe is available in a price range of £13,995 to £20,645.


8. Kia Soul EV

The Soul, the South Korean brand is equipped with a powerful battery that helps it cover a range of 93 miles with an electrifying torque of 210 lb-ft. Its battery can attain 80% charge in just 35 minutes. Kia Soul comes with a starting price of $33,950.


9. Ford C-Max Energi

The responsive handling of Ford C-Max Energi makes it a fun-filled experience to drive it. The spacious design of this electric car enables it to house Li-ion batteries of 7.6 kWh effortlessly. This reasonably priced EV is powered by Hybrid Electric Powertrain of 2.0L, regenerative braking system eCVT or electronically controlled continuously variable transmission. The starting price of this Ford vehicle is $27,120.


10. Smart ForTwo

Those who wish to own a small-sized affordable electric vehicle that can drive well in city traffic conditions, and then Smart ForTwo is a wise choice. This two-seater car can cover a range of up to 100 miles and can reach full charge in just 3 hours. It can drive up to 62 mph at 11.5 seconds and can reach 40 mph in a jiffy. The cost of this compact vehicle is $25,270.


Car makers also offer EV or electric vehicles with seven seats for big families with space needs.  No wonder, the electric car market has been experiencing a rapid growth in the recent years.