Employee Transportation Manager App – Savior of Transport Managers

Transportation managers have plenty of responsibilities on their shoulder comparing to the other jobs associated with employee transportation. But with the help of a transportation manager app managers can manage tasks, set up routes, schedules  & track the entire movement of the fleet from their finger tips.

They have to oversee the entire working process of the fleet and have to make sure that it’s being run efficiently and securely. Moreover,  flows should be designed by him to ensure maximum efficiency.

Being a transport manager is indeed a headache. If it is in the case of big organization (1000 plus employees) the pain would be unimaginable.


Luckily technology has now come to their rescue in the form of transportation manager app.

Let’s see how it helps a transportation manager

  • Tracking the vehicle:

    Tracking vehicles in a transportation manager app is a piece of cake. The details and visualized route map can be availed in a hand held the device and complete details regarding the journey will be on the tip of a manager’s finger. Unscheduled halts and deviation will be notified to the manager so that he can take swift action.

  • Communication:

    Driver’s mobile phone which has the driver app can be connected to the Bluetooth communication system inside a vehicle so that directions of managers will be audible and won’t cause any hindrance to the driving.  Managers will be able to communicate with drivers as well as employees through this app. Improved communication will ensure that unfortunate incident won’t happen.

  • Organized and optimized travel experience for the passengers:

    The Transport Manager App ensures that each and every pick up and drop off point is in accordance with the schedule.  The number of passengers inside the bus and their whereabouts can be easily tracked via the app. Routes optimization is the key aspect of employee transportation to ensure safety as well as to save money for an organization.

  • Assigning pick up and drop off point:

    Pick up and drop off points can be manually set in the software so that drivers will be able to efficiently carry out the transportation.

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  • Security Check:

    Transportation management system can be integrated with RFID card reader for security check and to ensure that an employee has used company transportation or not. This feature assures safety for the employee and can prove to work wonders on employee satisfaction feedback survey.

  • Notifications:

    Various notifications can be sent to the employee as well as the drivers regarding sudden alteration in route or even the vehicle. Updated pick up points can also be notified to them in accordance with the change.

  • Cut down the cost:

    Transport Manager App can be the key to cutting down the cost of employee transportation of any organization. What the app does is that it will increase the efficiency of employee transportation by optimized route, reduce vehicle engine idling, notify proper maintenance etc.

  • Control over the hardware:

    One of the astounding features of a Transport Management system is that it can be integrated with hardware of choice. The hardware will be able to send data to the app and the Transport manager app with its complex algorithm can convert this data to a simplified form for the user.