11 Building Blocks of An Effective Employee Transport Solution

One of the perks that employees will like to get from a company is transportation. Yes, organizing safe and convenient transportation is a great motivator. Employees will feel happier that they don’t need to battle public transportation every day when they come to work.


At the same time, the management will see good improvement in employee morale and productivity. So, having an employee transportation solution will be a win-win solution for everyone. Let’s look more into the building blocks of an effective employee transportation solution.

The Building Blocks of an Effective Employee Transport Solution

1. Database

When you’re setting up an employee transportation system, the first thing you need to do is build a database of all the employee details such as pickup and drop points, shift timings, and such. It would be best if you can have all the details in an excel spreadsheet that you can directly upload to the software application.

To reduce confusion and make your data collection easier, it would be better if you have a list of locations from which your employees can choose the nearest location. Otherwise, you will end up with all kinds of locations, which can make mapping very difficult.

2. Types of Transportation

Based on the number of employees, you need to decide on the type of vehicle for transportation. If you have just 4 or 5 employees traveling from a particular area, you can have a sedan or an SUV.

However, if there are many employees coming from a particular locality and you can cover other areas on the route to the office, you can have a larger vehicle like a minivan or a bus.

3. Optimized Routes

Planning the best route goes hand in hand with deciding on the type of transportation. Once, you’ve got the database updated, you can find out the number of people from each locality.

Then based on the traffic, factors like construction, or the presence of a railway gate, you can plan an optimized route. While planning the route, care needs to be taken so that the routes don’t overlap. Also, you should also ensure that the distance traveled is minimal.

4. Real-time Tracking

If you want your employee transportation solution to be effective, then it is best to have real-time tracking. You can use a GPS tracker for this purpose. The tracker will allow you to monitor the vehicle movement at all times. Real-time tracking will also enhance employee safety.

5. Mobility

The employee transportation application that you use should be mobile compatible. The software should have different dashboards for employees, drivers, and logistics managers.


The mobile app for employees should provide pertinent information like route, expected pickup time, drop time, route details, vehicle details, and driver information.

The app dashboard for drivers should give them details of the route, expected pickup timings as well as the number of employees at each pickup point. The manager’s dashboard should have all the information as well as the real-time tracking stats.

6. Notifications

One of the important features that an effective employee transport solution needs to have is notifications and alerts. The software application should give notifications and updates regarding route and pickup points to the driver.

The employee should be able to receive alerts when the vehicle is near their pickup point. Also, if the vehicle goes out of the virtual boundary, alerts need to be sent to the concerned persons. We will be looking more into geofencing later in this blog.

7. Vehicle diagnostics monitoring

The app should also allow you to monitor the fuel usage, distance traveled as well as the repairs and services. Optimized routes are planned such that there are a minimal number of dry runs.

Based on the distance traveled and the kind of vehicle, you can easily calculate the supposed fuel spend. The app should also keep track of regular maintenance, spare parts replacement, and repairs. It should also alert you when it’s time to renew the registration or go for an FC.

8. Day-to-day planning & monitoring

Employees may not always work in the same shifts. Also, employees may request different pickup and drop points sometimes. It is essential to have a transport management system that takes all these into account and allows for changes and updates.


You should be able to do day-to-day planning and monitoring without affecting the overall performance of the transportation management system.

9. Overview of employee attendance

The employee transportation management solution should help you keep track of the employee’s cab-in attendance and vehicle dispatch. Often there could be a change in the number of employees and vehicles because of multiple shifts. This attendance will help you keep track of the daily variation.

10. Reports

Reports are one of the most important building blocks of an effective employee transport solution. The data presented in the reports will give you precise information about the system’s performance.

Also, it will help you identify areas of improvement, which can help make your employee transportation system more effective. Details such as daily run reports, trip manifest, distance traveled, real-time updates and such can also help you prepare your monthly or quarterly reports to be submitted to the management.

11. Geofencing

Geofence is an important feature that an effective employee transport solution needs to have. This GPS-based tracking feature creates a virtual boundary based on the route and the locations.

If the vehicles exit this geofence, the app immediately raises an alert. The concerned persons can immediately check to see if there are any problems or identify the reason for going beyond the boundary. This feature helps enhance employee safety during the commute.


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