Features of Byton Concept SUV vs Tesla Model X

The whirl wind that EV (Electric Vehicles) have been creating is too strong to ignore. It won’t be long until internal combustion engines might just turn to vintage models amid rope stanchions in museums. Ok that might be an exaggeration, but yeah! EVs are the future of the road for obvious reasons – shrinking oil reserves and increasing oil prices. In this blog we will talk about the features of Byton Concept SUV vs Tesla Model X the top EV manufactures in the world.

“It’s time to rethink the car” is what Byton- an all new start up based in china and headed by ex BMW boss Carsten Breitfeld said, when they unveiled their first  prototype SUV that was the star car of CES 2018!


The Byton SIV (SIV- Smart intuitive vehicle- as they like to call it) is all over the news and is said to have all the futuristic features to be the competitor of Tesla’s SUV Model X.

Let’s take a look and compare the features of Byton Concept SUV vs Tesla Model X

1. Power on tap

Byton has promised 2 power train configurations.

Either single 268bhp electric motor driving rear axle or 4WD version with a combined power delivery of 469bhp.

Model X has 259hp for the front wheel drive version and 503hp for the AWD version.

Seems like Tesla still has the upper hand in its AWD version.  But it won’t be hard for Byton to crack that number given their zeal for upgrades.

2. Range 

Tesla’s model X will take your breath away with its ludicrous mode going up to a neck-snapping 257 miles on a single charge.

Now since they are launching it head to head the luminary in the EV business how could Byton even possibly hesitate to squeeze in the horse powers.

Byton claims a range of 248 miles on a single charge, whirling up to an exhilarating 323 miles with an upgraded battery pack.

For the speed junkies out there, the two cars might not make much of a difference simply because, both offer the same thrill.

3. Cabin tech

Model X has a 17-inch touchscreen that controls nearly all vehicle functions, including the power doors.

Byton has made sure you are left flabbergasted with the most lavishly crafted cabin tech, the moment you step inside in the car.

It has an overwhelming 49 inch curved LCD, Shared experience Display running from coast to coast, in place of dashboard, the screen being gesture controlled.

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The screen is capable of video calls, navigation, online playlist for music, and can even communicate with a wearable on the driver or passenger to get health information.

Now in case you are worried about safety being compromised as that is the space for the air bag, chill!

Air bag will inflate from below the screen in case of a crash, complying with safety standards.

4. Driving experience

Byton front seats can swivel almost 12 degrees.  People in front can easily stretch or interact with others in the rear seats of the car, by switching to level 3 self-driving mode.

The car can self drive in many situations except a few where a human instinct will require to take over. The company has promised to equip the car with level 4 autonomy once the government regulations permit.

The only thing here that model X lacks, is the rotating seats.

Other than that the driving impression of model X P100D is as crazy as the Byton. You can almost lay back and sprawl in the peaceful thrust of the EV.

5. Finally the price

After the recent price cut the Tesla model X now starts at $79,500.

Byton on the other hand has quoted a very impressive price tag with its first SUV starting at $45,000 onwards.

So with this there is a chance that Byton would sweep the Tesla’s markets clean as it offers more tech features compared to Tesla and horse power equivalent to it.

The Byton SIV (Smart intuitive vehicle- as they call it) will be launched in its home country by the year 2019 and a year later in USA and Europe.

It won’t be an easy climb for Byton to match the credibility of Tesla, but since they are offering us hopes wrapped in affordable budget, it could turn out otherwise.

The model X surely pales in comparison to the mouth watering features that Byton has to offer.

But who knows. It is Elon Musk that we are talking about! This moment invading space with his roadster and the next thing you know he launched a teleportation device.

Exaggeration again! But the point is, For Byton, it is definitely a race against time.


Electric cars are not the thing of the future it is already here. There is stiff competition between car makers to bring out the best models that have the highest running time. Hope our read helped you compare the cars brought out by Byton and Tesla.