10 Accurate Predictions From Movies About Transportation

Tech portrayed in Sci-fi transportation movie has always been ahead of time when compared to the existing technology, especially futuristic ones. But where do they draw the inspiration to portray the future in such bizarre/ jaw-dropping/brilliant way?

Ideas from scientists, sci-fi novelists and visionary architects have always had their influence. Above all, the incredible mind has played its part too.

When it comes to the technology used in all these transportation movie, the sky has always been the limit.

But the question here is. Is it entirely fictional? Or is it conveying an idea about the future technology that is about to arrive soon?

Absolutely not! Some ideas are so brilliant and innovative that they actually came to be true.


Some of them are waiting to be in the future.

Let’s have a look

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Directed by the visionary, Stanley Kubrick the movie set a benchmark when it comes to sci-fi movies. The movie featured a lot of tech-based innovations which were so well-thought that it came to be true later on.

Speaking about transportation system used in the movie, the most important and significant one was the pan-am space clipper. This space plane depicted in the movie has the ability to take passengers from our planet to a space station (Space Station V).

Years later, space shuttle came to be true when Russia launched a low-earth space shuttle on April 9, 1971. Transportation to the space station came to be true in the year 1971 when NASA launched their first orbiter in the space shuttle system OV-101 out of a modified Boeing 747.

2. Star Wars (1977)

The cult classic Star Wars began its journey in the year 1977 and is continuing. The movie has managed to continuously astonish people with its jaw-dropping visual effects. Apart from the visual effects, Star Wars has always been praised for the creativity that is being put behind the cinema in setting the mood for the audience.

Among the various technologies depicted in the movie, the most sought-after technology was the land speeders. The hovering car concept, although featured in many movies, the most noted one was the one in Star Wars.

In one of the recent events hosted by Renault, a new concept car was unveiled by Yunchen Chai. It is a hovering car which is the winner of the car of the future design. Yes, hovering cars is not very far from realization. Let us look forward to flying over the roads very soon.

3. Blade Runner (1982)

Directed by Ridley Scott, it is a neo-noir science fiction which portrays Harrison Ford as a cop who is in pursuit of fugitives that escape back to earth from off world colonies. A classic, which has no equal.

I’m sure all of us have dreamed about flying, not on airplanes, but on our very own cars. How great it would be if we could avoid the traffic and hover above other vehicles? This movie has depicted that fascination about flying a car and landing on top of tall buildings. It is purely a vision for mankind for quite long.

Well, many aerospace companies like DeLorean, Terrafugia etc gone so far in research of manufacturing commercial flying cars. It is not very far that we realize our imaginations.

4. Back To The Future 2 (1989)

Back to the future is indeed iconic in every sense. The story revolves around a mad genius who invents a car that takes you to the different time zones by travelling around to the past and future. This adventure/comedy science fiction transportation movie is directed by Robert Zemeckis.

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Hold on! Time machine has not been invented yet. But yes, the hover board that is depicted in the movie is definitely a dream that has come true. Recently in 2016 a company named Hendo has introduced a prototype levitating hover board.

5. Total Recall (1990)

I hope most of us have come across this Schwarzenegger movie at some point in our life. Long before we send space orbiting probes, and the ones which landed on Mars, we fascinated about life on Mars. Martians we depicted even in cartoons and television commercials.

Total Recall is a cult classic movie that features a self-driving car with a creepy humanoid robot. In it, Schwarzenegger boards the Johnny cab and tries to ride in it without saying a destination and ends up tearing the humanoid robot from its pedestal.

A self-driven cab is now not a dream but a realization. General Motors have announced that their Robot Taxi service will be ready to go by 2019. Soon you will be riding Zoox taxis that are driven by robots. Woo-hoo!

6. Demolition Man (1992)

Directed by Marco Brambilla, Demolition man is a Science fiction movie that has a lot of new technological vision. The lead roles are done by Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. The movie revolves around these two men; one a cop and the other a notorious criminal.

The movie has an autonomous GM Ultralite Police Car that uses Biolinks to adjust the setting of the car in accordance with the driver. Biolinks are not very far away. We have it on our phones or at a place we work. Soon your vehicles will have these and we will have them unlocked by scanning our fingerprint or our iris.

Fujitsu has already predicted that biometrics will be used as car unlock system and will be used to create a personalized driving experience. Now you can forget the hassle of carrying around keys everywhere.

7. Minority Report (2002)

This is another neo-noir movie starring Tom cruise, where he is a cop who is after future criminals. The movie is directed by the well-known director Steven Spielberg. The core theme of the movie is a conflict between free will and determinism. If a crime can be forecasted, can it be stopped? In minority report, the cops predict a crime with the help of 3 psychics they call ‘precogs’.

There is a nail biting scene in the movie where Tom Cruise jumps about vertical car lanes to capture a criminal. Do you think we can have these kinds of roads in the near future? Oh yes we can. Architects Christopher Christophi and Lucas Mazarrasa in 2014 have suggested a feasible design that vertical transportation for megacities will soon be realised in the near future.

8. HER (2013)

Her is about a lonely writer who develops a unusual relationship with an AI-powered operating system that meets his every need. It is a romantic science fiction drama written, directed, and produced by Spike Johnze. It has a great cinematography and is well written, and it takes the viewers through an emotional roller coaster. The lead role is handled by Joaquin Phoenix.

Unlike the other movies listed here, ‘Her’ suggests that in future there won’t be many cars on the road, and people will rely mostly on public transport.

Sounds shocking? Come on, we will have to conserve fuel in the future if at least for the coming generations.

Many American cities already have a huge reduction in personal vehicles as people started using public transportation. I believe a lot of us agree to the fact that it saves energy, reduces traffic and pollution.

9. I Robot (2002)

I’m pretty sure you have seen this Will Smith and Bridget Moynahan movie. It happens to be a neo-noir science fiction action film directed by Alex Proyas. A futuristic movie, it shows an era of robots that assist humans with house-hold work and goes berserk when its program is corrupted.

This transportation movie features a concept car Audi RSQ that is capable of autonomous driving. We have already discussed regarding the cars that drive autonomously and we know that soon it will be a realization and cars will be driving around on their own.

For now, vehicles like Audi A8 and various Tesla cars are capable of autonomous driving. Want to know how it works. Well, put it in automatic mode and take your hand off the steering and your legs off the pedals and the car will automatically sense the traffic ahead and drive automatically. Now you don’t need to get a sore foot trying to drive in traffic.

10. Iron Man 3 (2013)

You all know Tony Stark, the Iron man. Many of you have watched the trilogy umpteen times, especially the third part in which the villain is the infamous Mandarin. Spoiler Alert!

Have you noticed in this transportation movie that there is a flashy Audi concept electric car? It’s not just designed for the movie. The car (R8 e-tron) is real and the beast of an electric vehicle can run 62mph in 3.9s, has 456bhp and have the ability to run 280 miles on a single charge?

Anyway, electric cars are not something new. But an electric car having that much power and runs several miles is a dream come true.

Tesla has revealed their supercar ‘Roadster’ which is the fastest electric car in production. It goes from 0-60 in 1.9 sec and has the ability to go 620 miles on a single charge.

10 Future Transportation Methods That Will Change The Way We Travel

To a great extent Innovations in the future transportation methods has changed the way we travel in this century.  But it’s all an outdated topic to discuss now.  Let us see what future transportation methods holds for the transportation industry which in some way or the other, changes the way we experience travelling.

1. Smart Cars

Well, this is something that’s already taking its place in the market. Smart cars were a concept thought of after the implementation of smart watches. The first thing you will notice about these cars is its shape and size. They are small and compact in size.


Smart cars use artificial intelligence assistance offering you a hassle-free driving. It can give route suggestions, be autonomous in driving, talk to you when you are behind the wheel, and sometimes it can also measure your emotional responses.

As they say ‘A smart car for smart drivers.’

2. Urban transport pods

Imagine jumping into a moving pod and travelling to another part of the city?  That is what an urban transport pod is all about.  When the plan for this future transport was being made, it aimed at developing a system for urban transportation in a sustainable way.

No such pods are out and running yet, but soon we will have the opportunity to travel in one of them. They are certainly environmental friendly and easy methods in the transportation industry.

3. SkyTran

All of us have wasted a lot of time in traffic and wished if we could just fly above all and reach our destinations. That’s the idea that SkyTran brings to us. SkyTran is a self-driving monorail that allows you to fly 20-25ft. above the ground for a 10min trip.

The government   should make these new technologies being tried out at different stations for a stretch of 1km in various countries, since the technology is almost about to make its place in many parts of the US.  The first fully-fledged SkyTran is going to make its entry through Logos in Nigeria by 2020. We are really excited to fly though!!!! Aren’t you??

4. Maglev Trains

The Magnetic levitation train, or as commonly known, the Maglev trains, uses electromagnetic field repulsion technique to float over a predefined route.

In MagLev trains, the vehicles are lifted by magnetic fields which travel through a pre-decided path that has no physical contact with the trains. Instead, they are automatically moved through the magnetic field. This revolutionary transportation can be seen as very cheap, fast and easy.

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The same technology will be put to use in roads in such a way that a platform will be levitating on a predefined path that can carry your vehicle from one place to another quickly. Elon Musk, The face of Tesla has already put forward his concept of levitation transport and it is believed that within a couple of years he will make it happen.

5. Super Cavitation

The Super Cavitation transportation follows the submarine technology and can travel underwater at 750mph.  When an object is submerged under water, it starts creating bubbles. This phenomenon is known as Super Cavitation. The same technology being applied to the transport industry will soon change the way people travel

Since the bubbles are filled with gas it reduces the contact friction up to 900 times than that of normal. Owing to this reduction only a small force is required for quick propulsion. Regarding the transportation applications, many reports state that it can get you travelled from New York to London in just an hours’ time in a submerged pod that can run through waterways.

6. Skylon

As the name suggests, Skylon is an aircraft transport technology and can reach you even to the earth’s orbit in just 4-5 hours. That fantastic day isn’t far now. The agency that’s researching on this has said it won’t just help you travel anywhere in the world in just 4-5 hours, but also give you a chance to travel the space.

The Skylon is powered by a new technology engine SABRE. It has the ability to move the aircraft 5 times faster than the sound in the atmosphere.  It is considered as one of the cheapest ways to achieve your space dreams.

7. Nuclear Powered cars

Uranium is used to power cities, submarines and planes. How about a vehicle?  As crazy as the idea sounds, nuclear powered vehicles might happen in the future but not to a public transportation level as danger surrounding the technology is too high.

China has already announced that their nuclear-powered rockets will be good to go by 2040.

8. Hyperloop

This high-speed train system, Hyperloop, has started a revolutionary way of the new train system. The concept plans to carry passengers at a speed of 700mph through a tube. With the previously proposed technologies, Hyperloop will allow floating of trains using magnetic fields like the Magnetic levitation train.

Though the project is just under the news, nothing has been confirmed about its launch. Many people seem to back the theory of hyper loops, but the feasibility of the project is yet to be tested.

9. Teleportation

Science is working on your worry of the long morning commute and public transit dilemma. The teleportation works on the phenomenon that scans your body, grasping all your favorite parts, and transmitting it onto another point in a fraction of the second.

Many people call the technology the ‘Star Trek’. If this technology really comes into existence, it won’t be difficult for you to travel from point A to point B by just crossing the space between them. Sound interesting, what say?

10. Space Elevator

The Space Elevator concept was first proposed in the year 1985. Many people call it a fiction due to its idea of a giant elevator carrying us from the earth to space.  The technology will allow a carrier to transport passengers across planet via a cable.

Space Elevator’s idea of space transportation system being developed can make traveling to Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) a daily event and transform the global economy.


Technology without a doubt, will bring significant change to our future transportation methods. Future transportation methods are not long in distance, its almost near, so keep in touch with us to be updated on everything new.