Top 5 questions about GPS Car Trackers

Parking cars at unknown places have always been a frightening experience for car owners. Since car theft rates is on a global rise. The probabilities of someone stealing your car are high. To avoid such, the most thoughtful thing to do is to install a GPS car trackers to your vehicle so that you don’t have to be concerned or worried.

GPS Car Trackers

However, there are some obvious queries that will be in the mind of a buyer as there is a plethora of devices and software to choose from.


So let’s address five of those important questions

1.GPS tracking device are they difficult to install and use?

The process is a bit tricky, however; those who are familiar with car parts can do this without any confusion.

First of all, open the gear console and take out the meter wire, make sure that the engine is running and the wire is singled out so that it can be connected to a GPS device.

Before any connection to the GPS device make sure that an earth wire is connected to the GPS console.

GPS console mainly has three sockets, Antenna socket, and Fuel and power aux socket.

After making proper connection the device should be hidden in somewhere where none would suspect.

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Before hiding the device make sure that signal is coming through the connection between battery and the device is tight and proper.

2.How many types of GPS trackers are there in the market?

Passive GPS trackers/GPS loggers

This type of devices can gather information but won’t be able to send it anywhere. Instead of sending, the device will store information like speed, location etc to the memory card of the device.

The data can be retrieved later on from the memory card inside the device.

Active GPS tracker

Active or real time trackers will constantly send data to your device allowing the user to monitor his assets real time. To use the device, it has to be wired with the battery connection of the car.

3.How much does a GPS tracker cost?

Investing money on a GPS tracker is just like investing on insurance. Even though u may find the cost unwanted in the case of a mishap you will know how much worthy it is.

Costs of the device vary in accordance with the type of device that’s installed in your vehicle. On Amazon price range starts from $13 for basic GPS trackers. The price is much cheaper for the Chinese version on in which price starting from just $1.

However, There are complex GPS tracking system which can provide more information than just location tracking. They can seamlessly integrate with hardware’s as well as software and can come up with vivid data which not only guarantees advanced safety for your vehicle but also to increase the efficiency of it. Cost of these tracking system depends on the number of hardware integration, software used, cloud support, vendor support etc.

4.What to consider while buying a GPS tracker?

Buying a GPS tracker is indeed a great decision, however, there are certain factors that has to be taken into consideration.

Compatibility: Make sure that the device is compatible with your car model so that it can

  • Collect all the date that the company had promised
  • It would not cause any irregularity in the normal functioning of the car.

Security: The device in accordance with its capability will collect data on a daily basis. Make sure that the company promises absolute security in the data transfer between your device and the GPS tracker.

User Experience: Make sure that the data collected by the GPS system is delivered to you in a way that you are getting the exact picture of what you have intended.

Reliability: Make sure that the device that you are purchasing is of top quality and worth every penny that you spend on it.

5.How to recover a stolen vehicle with the help of GPS tracker installed in your car?

User can set geo-fence (restrict the travel limit of vehicle) in their GPS system. If a vehicle has breached the fence, notification will be sent to the user so that he can directly approach the police so that police can track the vehicle in real time.

If the thief is trying to tamper with the GPS tracker, notification will be sent to the user with exact location and alert that someone is tampering with it.