How Do You Track or Measure Employee Engagement

Employee productivity is the holy grail for a company’s growth. A company’s human resource capabilities and its productive employee engagement on any day indicate the kind of growth a company is poised to have.


A lot of software products and solutions are available in the market.

Measuring employee engagement in office hours is one of the major things to be handled in a company’s state of affairs.

For staff to be engaged fully in office premises, they need to understand and believe that the company really cares about them.

That’s when the employee needs to know that their boss shows them that they care, so they’ll reply with much loyalty and sincerity to the whole group and company.

There are different methods to measure employee engagement. Most of these require both human and software-based intervention. Here are a few ways for your organization to measure employee engagement.

1) Surveys

Conduct one on one surveys on employees. This is a good way to analyze and track employee engagement. This can be done either offline or online.

By offline, it would be done by distributing questionnaires on papers to the employees and asking them to fill it up.

The questionnaire form would basically be a feedback template on which the employee can record his outputs based on the questions asked on the work culture, office environment, management behavior.

2) Recognition

A company in which its employees are recognized for their contribution would definitely add value to the whole organization.

Presenting awards for the best performers like the top employee award, most valuable player award, emerging star award could be a way for the organization to raise the competitive spirit, also improving employee engagement in various strata of the job.

3) Employee Happiness

Just having the right people would not be enough. If the company is having an uninspired workforce then it will be marred with more absences, a higher attrition rate, and a dip in performance.

Companies need an integral leader to make sure that everyone is happy and committed to succeeding. Without a clear vision to ensure workplace happiness, you will lose to increase everyone’s true talent. Happy staffs are productive staffs.

The tensions of the tasks assigned to staff can let them down. If the management wants to keep everyone engaged, then they must provide a working environment that employees want to be part of.

By introducing areas where your staff can rejuvenate and relax, the employer will increase the productivity and output of the employees. This can be done by introducing a game area, an innovation space, etc.

4) Work-life flexibility

In the fast-moving working environment, the thin line between work and life is a vexed question that is to be tackled on the go.

The management expects even more from their staff, also this can lead to putting the employees in a state of pressure or dilemma as to continue with the company or not.

Most of the time, this leads to long working hours which might end up with the employees staying away from their family which may affect them badly.

Providing flexible hours and working approaches to employees will give all employees to get hold of a good balance between life and work.

5) Regular Communication

Every staff of your company will be having their own problems. Addressing them would be a part of the human resource team and in net effect, this process would add up to employee productivity in all means.

By keeping an open interaction, you will implement an agile staff force that would want to work within your company.

Additionally, it is good to have personnel in the human resource team to take the initiative in your absence to effectively interact with your team.

Break down the silos and create systems so every staff in your company can get in touch with you. Take time to respond to your staff questions and leave very less queries unanswered.

6) Encourage staff to come out of their comfort zones

Employees are always repugnant to being or doing redundant tasks. A very few are excited being so.

By providing your employees with new responsibilities every day, the employer will also be giving them new opportunities to nurture and grow. This is equally beneficial to both the employee group and the organization.

This is a great way to make the staff feel valued and to enhance productivity among peers. New talent discovery is an undeniable fact that would come up if you introduce and delegate your staff to new opportunities and provide them with ownership.

There are also online tools to get feedback and take surveys of the employees. This is a new process that is gathering pace in the industry now.

Measuring the employee engagement process, adding points to each level that the employee has reached in the process, and incentivizing them is a new strategy adopted by the organizations to instill employee engagement.