Why do Employees Prefer Automated Transportation?

All of us know that corporate automated transportation is now one of the most important tools of an organization when it comes to employee retention.

Latest studies backed with research have proved that commute issues have a direct impact on employees and their productivity.

Above all that, we are living in a world where safe transportation has become one of the major concerns of women. WHO has recently done a study on women safety and found out that around 35% of women globally undergo some kind of violence on their daily commute.


These scenarios are the exact reason why employee automated transportation has flourished globally.

Assure Safety and Productivity

GPS aided Transportation Management system ensures that employees and vehicles are continuously monitored real-time by authorized personals.

One of the perks of installing the system for corporate transportation is that they can be integrated to mobile platforms so that monitoring both for the company and the employees can be done with the help of a portable device.

Employees can even send SOS messages to higher authorities with the help of a panic button incorporated in the apps of these devices.

Long commute has a negative impact on employee productivity. Transportation Management system can optimize routes to ensure minimum distance in traveling.

Mostly transportation offered by the companies is free of cost. Companies offer these kinds of services as a way to retain their employee and to make them feel that they are being valued in the organization.

Health Benefits

Hectic commute according to research can induce fatigue in an employee and can make him sleep abruptly in office or at home. Abrupt sleep, if they occur for a long time can cause serious health issues like low blood pressure, concentration issues, headache etc.

To Avoid Traffic and Pollution

The world is evolving and progressing day by day. The side effect of such development is congestion. Our cities have become overcrowded and polluted. Employees often choose their company transportation to avoid such conditions. Mostly, transportation provided by companies nowadays have air-conditioned vehicle so that employees would not have to breathe in the toxic air and fall sick.

Unreliable and Unsafe Public Transport System

Despite the location public transport has always been notorious owing to their inability to keep time and safety. Since they are mostly crowded employees have to go on a tug of war with other passengers on each day.

For Marking Attendance in the Easiest Way Possible

Manual attendances are hectic and time consuming. In the case of an Employee Transportation Management System, especially a robust one, mostly uses RFID based attendance marking system so that employees can punch-in and punch-out by just showing their RFID card or even tag to the reader.

Driver Rating System

Stories are in plenty on the internet regarding bad driver behaviour. Passengers especially women nowadays are scared regarding the whole situation. Transportation Management System has rating system through which drivers can be reviewed and rated.

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Above all that there is hardware integrated to the system that can track and monitor any irregularity in the driving of a driver and can notify authorized personals.

Route Prediction System

Protests, bad weather etc. can cause hindrance to the smooth running of fleets. A robust Transportation Management System can link with the internet and predict these issues and can show the driver alternate routes so that employees would not be late for work or going back home.

Saving Money

Mostly, automated transportation is offered by companies on free of cost. Since transportation requires a great deal of money. Employees find it as an added benefit for working in a company.

Business analysts nowadays say that it is foolish for a business firm to value their customers as kings and to treat their employees badly. Employees nowadays are equally important as the customers. We are in a world where people have plenty of option if they do not like a company. So companies have to do what it takes to retain their employees.