12 Ways Companies Can Use Employee and Asset GPS Tracking

Every business strives to keep its revenues growing and always try to plug the leakages. There could be resource wastage, employee attrition, new employee training. Amongst this, employee and asset GPS tracking is one of the ways in which a company’s revenue might fall if not tackled properly.

In a company where there are numerous employees, the time each and everyone spends inside the office matters.


Also assets have to be monitored closely to prevent theft or damage.

Here are 12 ways which will help you as a business to understand how you can use employee and asset GPS tracking for enhancing a better work environment.

1. Tracking On-field Employees

Many a times there exists a situation wherein you hire an on-field sales employee. The sales representative is supposed to cover 10 client locations per day but you as a business owner is unable to track the same.

In conventional situations, you would be calling the clients or mail them asking if your sales guy has visited the client’s place. Most of the time this process is a disturbance to your clients.

Here the most practical solution to be used would be to equip the field employee with a gps tracker enabled mobile application to record the time and place once the visit has been made to the client office.

2. Employee Time Clock

Employee time clock feature is a good to have solution for tracking the amount of time the employee works a day with a company.

Mostly this product is available as a software as a service (SaaS) solution online and can be subscribed for a large employee group in an organization or business.

This tool can be used to analyze the metrics for employee productivity. The free time an employee spends in an organization can be reduced considerably.

The main thing to be noted is to have a HR person who should be accountable for monitoring if the employees are keying in the right time.

3. GPS tracker for Moving Assets

Most of the businesses have their own vehicles. It could be delivery vehicles, cabs or buses to drop the employees’ home, mail delivery. A lot of revenue could be optimized here by enabling these vehicles with gps trackers.

4. Locating People in Distress

One of the main uses of implementing gps based systems in hospital ambulance is that its easier to get to people in distress with the help of it easily.

If the user or the person in distress or the relative or the friend of him has a mobile application. They could trigger a signal which would help the ambulance to reach the location and take the person to a hospital.

5. Entry and Exit Automation

Employee time tracking inside the office premises can be done using the access management system wherein it records the entry or exit of an employee while he or she punches the identity card on the system scanner kept at entrances and exit points of offices.

6. Employee Time Clock

Businesses implement time clock systems while the employees are at office or they are being assigned jobs from an offshore client who wants the total number of work hours to be tracked.

7. Asset Tracker for Hospitals

Multi specialty hospitals have a lot of valuable machinery in them. Most of them are movable. There are chances of theft or vandalism. It is better to tag these assets with a tracker tool.

It’s always advisable to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth low energy tags and the medium to transfer the location data of the devices to the system.

8. Asset Tracker for Logistics Industry

The logistic industry is a domain where asset tracking becomes an inevitable factor. Most of the goods transferred from one location to another do not reach safe or they are mismanaged and stolen.

Tagging these items with gps would be a better option to identify these sorts of activities.

9. Employee Time Tracking

The employees need to be properly educated on how to use it and should be shown the dos and don’ts of handling an employee time tracking tool.

Most of the tools used previously were desktop applications but with the advent of cloud, the tools have been introduced online. Businesses can find a lot of online tools for employee time tracking.

10. Asset Tracking in Healthcare Industry

A lot of innovations are coming up in the healthcare industry where you can get information about the details of a stored medicine. With the advent of internet of things (IoT), it’s now easy to identify the temperature of a medicine kept inside the refrigerator of a hospital.

Temperature sensors give out signals to the admin system about the current temperature of the medicine.

11. GPS Usage for Logistics

There are incidents where truck drivers over-speed resulting in grave danger situations.

GPS based systems can be integrated to the truck’s driving system where low speed areas could be identified and if a truck passes through those areas, a trigger could be set to limit the speed of the truck within a speed.

12. Schools

Students can be monitored based on time tracking tools. The RFID chip embedded on the student’s ID card could be tracked whenever the student is inside the campus. Malignant activities could be stopped and safety of the student could be ensured throughout.


In a company where there are numerous employees, the time each and everyone spends inside the office matters. Also. assets have to be monitored closely, so we hope this  12 ways will help you as a business to understand how you can use employee and  asset GPS tracking for enhancing a better work environment.