Top 5 Dominant Trends in Commercial Fleet Management Sector

In modern times, innovations in consumer technology are giving innovations in corporate technology a hard run for their money. Keeping this in mind, you would need to understand on how the commercial fleet management is evolving in the wave of the technologies.

Another hurdle in front of any fleet owner or managers in this technological advancement would be to figure out on how these innovations could make their way into the sphere of fleet management and improve their business.


Let us now have a glance at the 5 dominant trends in commercial fleet management that will change fleet business forever.

1.Predictive maintenance

Instead of waiting for a mishap to happen, fleet managers will advocate a proactive approach towards vehicle health. Maintenance needs to be undertaken on a routine basis before it melts to serious breakdowns.

With OEM (in built) telematics, fleet managers have better inputs about mechanical and physical condition of a vehicle. When vehicles are going to share this data in real time, a better feedback system is put in place.

2.Autonomous vehicle preparation

There is a widespread interest among self-driving autonomous vehicles. Several automobile giants Nissan and Mercedes group have invested millions in this domain. There is bound to be continuous development and research in this stream with added infrastructure needed to support them.

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Advanced driver assistance system would be a nice value addition. It is expected to extend much beyond the physical terrain and in the coming years is expected to scale new heights.

3.IoT focus to be more on vehicles

In the last few years all of us have heard of IoT(Internet of Things). This wave is going to spread manifold as we become connected to the internet. It would of prime concern to fleet owners on how it is going to have an impact on their vehicles. With the number of vehicles expected to grow in the coming years,  a Herculean effort will be devoted  to research on how they are going to interact with the environment.

This growth is expected to churn in benefits for the mobile workforces. The benefit is likely to spell over to plumbers, landscaper or pest control that is on the field jobs.

4.Better choices related to OEM telematics

This is not something new! But in the coming year it is likely that more companies are going to offer Telematics hardware as part of the set up. It is for the gamut of vehicles and not merely restricted to the traditional commercial ones.

This promises to be good news for all the fleet owners as benefits in the form of ease of adoption, vehicle data in a comprehensive manner along with zero maintenance is assured. With the help of this software any new vehicle could be activated online, and it does enable real time monitoring as well. With the help of 4 G connections better data connection is assured and mobile workers are better equipped to be productive on the roads.

5.Real-time logistics

The latest trend hitting the ground is the ability of logistics fleet integrating with your supply chain in real-time. The advanced telematics will allow fleet management to be cloud-based and help monitor the location and movement of your vehicles, temperature, pressure and other factors affecting your fleet.

The vehicles will reply on sensors which will automatically integrate the entire supply chain process. The transmit of information to the software will be made easier and generate an efficient invoice and bills for your loads.


With technology and innovation constantly moving ahead of its time, the entire commercial fleet management community should look out for the latest recommendations to the industry. Fleets needs to effectively manage data, decode it, and use it in effective planning and meaningful KPI’s.