How to tackle major issues that are affecting your fleet business

Transportation Management System without any doubt is one of the hectic jobs out there. A fleet manager has to make sure that every fleet is on schedule and have to manage the entire business. Apart from that, he should monitor all the employees as passenger safety is at stake.

But there is a solution to the hectic job of managers. The solution can not only ease off their work pressure but also increase the efficiency of the fleet. And the cherry on the topping would be the money it will save in terms of fuel efficiency.


All these can be availed by installing a Transportation Management System. Let’s see how it will be of help.

Fleets which could not keep up with the schedule

Fleets should always work in harmony. A slight alteration in schedule can create a knock on effect and can jeopardize the timing of the entire fleet. Often these kinds of issues are commonly seen in fleets which have not an efficient management system.


Transportation management system can efficiently track and monitor vehicles and routes which are causing delay. The system can suggest optimized routes which will be quicker than that of the old one. With proper hardware integration, it can also monitor the working condition of vehicles and prompt managers to rectify it.

Spot the bad drivers

Once a vehicle starts rolling it’s entirely the responsibility of drivers to carry out rest of the job. However, some drivers will lag behind the schedule by taking long breaks or even run slower than that of the proposed speed.


Transportation Management system can track which vehicle is lagging behind and can notify the manager whom in turn can have a talk with the driver and find out what’s wrong.

Fuel it’s crucial

In order to be profitable, every vehicle in a fleet should run on a ration of petrol. However, drivers who fear malfunction usually do not turn of the vehicle when it’s at a halt. As a result, fuel will be wasted. The loss will be hefty if it’s in the case of a fleet which has hundreds of vehicles or more.


Solving this issue is tricky even though finding the issue is a piece of cake with a transportation management system. However, to rectify the issue a deeper understanding is needed. Since it’s in the hands of the driver, proper instruction along with personalized goals must be given. Slow process indeed, but effective.

Too many Trips

Sometimes managers make the mistake of charting too many vehicles to a single destination carrying few passengers. An extra vehicle can cause a considerable amount of money to a transportation company.

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A management system will notify manager if a vehicle is assigned to the same route twice. It can also suggest vehicle in accordance with the number passengers. This rectification will increase the efficiency of the fleet a lot.

Managing the assets

Vehicles are the biggest asset of a fleet management company. Often inefficiency in management will result in negligence and poor maintenance of the vehicle. Often correct vehicle service will not be carried over and as a result, malfunction happens.


Vehicle management system can prompt managers about the service date of vehicles. With proper hardware integration, the system can also find out any irregularity in the pattern of engine performance.

Embracing technology to an extent can be a great deal of help to any business. Same is in the case of companies which are into transportation. However, the key is to choose the right one since a surplus of products is now available in the market.